Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Do You Play Farmville on Facebook?

A couple years ago a friend told me about Facebook - I honestly had no clue what it was and never really did anything with it, until more and more people were finding me. Then came all the games. Well, let me tell you - I am one of the biggest addicted players out there and it is so addicting, I find it hard to concentrate on anything else. If you play Facebook games, you no doubtfully have the same kind of addiction. I am not sure if it is because we want to beat all our friends or if it is because we just have so much content in front of us that it just drives us back there?

One of the first games that was brought to my attention was Farmville. I played and played until I ran out of room for all the new stuff that was being put out and I pretty much stopped playing it until I found this Top Secret guide that showed me how to maximize my earnings and to rearrange my farm so that I could efficiently work my farm. It gives tips on how to earn Farmville cash, how to add neighbors for maximum earnings, how to really play Farmville and be the best amongst your friends. It also gives tips on how to get notified when your crops are ready (I have 2 accounts and only 1 account gets notices, the other one stopped), and just how to really play the game and enjoy it and not dread going to it because you have 50+ notices in your Facebook account with requests and gifts....it is never ending or it was!

Check out this Top Secret Guide - http://bit.ly/FreeFVSecrets and if you act NOW, you will even receive a FREE Guide on How to Earn FREE Farmville Cash - this is only open for the first few people who take advantage of this offer...once enough people have signed up, that Free Guide will no longer be available.

So, go ahead and get the secrets - but don't share them because they are SECRETS, after all - http://bit.ly/FreeFVSecrets

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